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Do You Have What It Takes?

Hope In Her is looking for some great men to be a part of the “From a King to a Queen” series of My Lotus Moments! Here are some of the criteria you must meet:
1. Must be charismatic and have personality
2. Shouldn’t be afraid to have unpopular opinions
3. Creative
4. We are looking for a few different guys that are either: single (dating, in a long-term relationship of at least 1 year) or married (newlywed)

Speed Dating, Karaoke, and Comedy

Thank you to Ruffins Downtown Daiquiri Lounge for allowing Hope In Her to host it’s first event! It was a great success and look out for the next event!

Congratulations to the lucky couple who made a connection and won a gift card to Parrians Seafood Restaurant to have their first date! We wish you the best of luck and keep us posted.

Date: 12/21/16

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