Ep. 19 Managing the Holidays With Broken Family Connections

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For some, the holidays bring about the joyous opportunity to spend w loved ones but, for so many of us, the holidays can bring moments of sadness, grief, and isolation. This podcast is about how we manage the holidays when there are broken family ties.  

“Sexual traumatic events are so common in women’s lives, that they can hardly be described as outside the range of ordinary experiences. Only the fortunate find it unusual” – Judith Lewis Herman, M.D.

Key Take aways: 

  • It is morally impossible for a bystander to remain neutral in sexual trauma
  • In order to reconcile relationships between survivors and bystanders, bystanders have to respect the boundaries set forth by survivors of sexual trauma
  • It’s ok to protect your peace and mental health. For those violated by a family member, you are not obligated to share your space with that person or any other people who make you feel uncomfortable or who deny your truth just because they are family

Timeline of the show:

  • :56 Introduction of Erin and Favored Freauxs, LLC
  • 2:00 Erin explains her motivation to write about her story for the first time
  • 6:50 Hope shares her story
  • 11:00 When parents choose perpetrators over their children
  • 17:20 Bystanders, Perpetrators, and Victims
  • 21:00 Generational patterns of sexual abuse
  • 22:30 Disclosing to other family members/ sacrificing healthy family relationships
  • 26:05 Neutral family members
  • 31:09 You have the right to protect yourself from further distress  
  • 35:05 Reconciliation


Connect with Erin

website: www.favoredfreauxs.com

email: info@favoredfreauxs.com




Resources mentioned this episode:

Trauma and Recovery Judith Lewis Herman



Someday at Christmas, Stevie Wonder & Andra Day

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