“With her, HOPE will
always find its way.”

Hope In Her is a place for women of color (WOC) who have endured any traumatic event, and as a result struggled with feeling inadequate and alone. Being a woman of color, I understand that we share a set of unique experiences, and that there are very limited avenues where we can openly share those moments without judgement and shame, while gaining support from others, and given access to the tools needed to press forward and live a life full of new joy.

The point of HIH is to not solely focus on trauma and negative experiences but to move past them. It’s also about seeing hope in others, when they may not be able to see it within themselves. It’s also about realizing that your own successes and triumphs can give other women just enough hope and courage to pursue their own goals and desires.

HIH is represented by the lotus flower because, the lotus, ironically a beautiful flower, can only grow from a dark, bleak and desolate place. The lotus embodies the essence of hope in itself. It signifies endurance, growth, and new beginnings.

With HIH, my goal is to evoke a sense of connection and support through interactive portals, podcasts, community engagement, access to useful information, and much more.

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My LOTUS Moments Podcast

Hope in Her proudly presents “My LOTUS Moments” Podcast. This podcast was created for us to have an open and honest dialogue about the issues we have all experienced. The lotus is a beautiful flower but, can only bloom from a dark and muddy place. Similarly, for us to grow, we must be courageous enough to share our own lotus moments. 

My LOTUS Moments

MLM is the flagship podcast for the HIH community. This is where we are open and honest about the issues we all share as women of color.

A Male's Perspective

A Male’s Perspective is a series where male guests give us insight on how they really feel about relationships, sex, love and so much more. AMP responds to letters and questions submitted to HIH.

Share My World

Share My World is a series where a diverse guest group talks about the touchy issues that affect our rights, from community relations to education reform.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is a series where Hope and a few ladies provide responses to the guys at #AMP along with important conversations about various topics such as entrepreneurship, family, dating, and so much more.


The HIH Tribe is a place for women to be open and honest about the issues they face and the struggles they’ve had to overcome. We’re building a positive and uplifting community that supports and empowers women of color because believe it or not, our experiences can lead other women towards conquering their own issues. The Tribe is a confidential, nonjudgmental safe haven where you can safely share your story. So, respect your struggle and know that you can find peace, support, and form meaningful connections. Life can be hard but it is only as hard as you allow it to be by suffering alone in silence. 

Experience. Embrace. Empower.

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