Hope Zone Kids

In 2017, Hope in Her is committed to implementing change
through youth advocacy! Hope Zone Kids is our latest initiative
to roll out for Southeastern Louisiana area youth.


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Thrive Not Survive Beyond Trauma.

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The Hope In Her tribe aims for anonymity, collective consciousness, and the promotion of positivity. Joining is easy, besides members get the best stuff!


My LOTUS Moments

My LOTUS Moments podcast aims to amplify the voices of a once-silenced demographic: women of color. Tune in for convo on the issues that affect us most.


Monthly Circle of Hope

Each month a different topic will be presented to the community in an educational and supportive group forum.


Hope Zone Kids

More details coming soon…

A podcast with a purpose.

Hope In Her proudly presents “My LOTUS Moments” Podcast. The lotus’ petals open up one by one. It can only grow from the mud. In order to grow and gain wisdom, women of color must grow from the mud. Then, much like the lotus, we to will open up one by one. Our LOTUS, or lessons in overcoming trauma and understanding strength, will allow our petals to speak. 


MLM is the flagship podcast for the HIH community. This is where we are open and honest about the issues we all share as women of color.

A Male's Perspective

A Male’s Perspective is a series where male guests give us insight on how they really feel about relationships, sex, love and so much more. AMP responds to letters and questions submitted to HIH.


Share My World is a series where a diverse guest group talks about the touchy issues that affect our rights, from community relations to education reform.


Girl Talk is a series where Hope and a few ladies provide responses to the guys at #AMP along with important conversations about various topics such as entrepreneurship, family, dating, and so much more.

“Shame derives its power from being unspeakable. It keeps us small, resentful, and afraid.”

-Brene Brown, Ph.D, LMSW
Daring Greatly

Hope In Her is a platform in which women of color (WOC) can
have a safe space to share stories of hurt, pain, and inspiration.

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